Pro-Faith, Pro-FAMILY, Pro-FREEDOM

Hold Fast is for those who know what they stand for, and aren’t afraid to show it.

Hold Fast patriotic t-shirts, caps, drinkware, socks, journals, and stickers that support the values you believe in.

Hold Fast is for those who…

  • Love Jesus and aren’t ashamed of their faith.
  • Value traditional family values and fight to honor them.
  • Support our country, the military, and first responders.
  • Proudly stand with their cap over their heart when the national anthem plays.
  • Don’t back down from hard work or getting their hands dirty.
  • Are resolute, determined and can’t be swayed in their love of faith, family, and freedom.

Each Hold Fast product gives you the opportunity to show your faith in God, family, and country.

As Christians, we “HOLD FAST” and believe strongly in the Lord despite all that is going on around us. Our grip on life is grounded in His sure Word. We know God is true, and none of His promises fall to the ground.

When your faith is rooted in God’s Word, you become a light in a dark place. You can rise above trying circumstances, grumbling, and complaining. You can boldly share the Good News of salvation through Jesus.

Dear Freedom loving American,

Vic Kennett

For most of us, Faith, Family, and Freedom are considered sacred, and we aren’t ashamed of that.

If you’re like me, faith in God guides your decisions and sustains you through everything life dishes out. You’re raising a family where character, respect, and a strong work ethic are embraced and taught. You believe that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence don’t need to be re-written; they need to be re-read!

Now, more than ever, Americans who want to see these values preserved are taking a stand and letting our voices be heard.

That’s why HOLD FAST® was created, and why it has become the fastest growing brand in the history of our 35-year-old company.

My hope is that you will join tens of thousands of us who are wearing HOLD FAST® and let YOUR voice be heard.

Hold Fast and God Bless,

Vic Kennett
Vic Kennett
CEO of Kerusso & Creator of Hold Fast

Who is Kerusso?

Kerusso is America’s favorite Christian lifestyle brand. Their original faith-based Christian T-shirts, jewelry, gifts, and more inspire millions of believers around the globe to start conversations about Jesus. Visit to see why 35 million shirts have been purchased since 1987.

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Support Those Who Care For Our Hero's

As part of honoring those who have and continue to protect our freedom, a portion of sales from Hold Fast apparel, caps, and drinkware goes to organizations helping our heroes. They provide ongoing spiritual, mental, and physical support to the brave men and women who Hold Fast to the oaths they have taken to serve and protect.

We are proud to support organizations including: