We Hold Fast
To Faith, Family,
and Freedom.

Hold•fast \ˈhōl(d)-ˌfast\:
Continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle.

Hold Fast apparel, hats, and drink-ware
are for freedom loving Americans who
want to see Biblical values preserved
and are taking a stand and letting their
voices be heard.

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Hold Fast
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Hold Fast When I Die
Hold Fast In God We Trust Forged Strength
Hold Fast America We Raise Heroes
Hold Fast Rosie

We The People

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What does it mean
to Hold Fast?

Hold•fast ˈhōl(d)-ˌfast:
Continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle.

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“Quality hat, great fit, and the best part is the message...Hold Fast to faith, freedom, & family!”

J.R | Hold Fast Fan

“Hold Fast is the testimony you tell others when they read your shirt. My husband gets more compliments when he wears this shirt than any other shirt he has.”

Muffin B. | Hold Fast Fan

“Love the Hold Fast line. I have several of the T-shirts and wear them all the time. Keep up the great work!! God Bless You!”

Calvin G. | Hold Fast Fan

“Great designs with a thought that everyone needs to keep in mind these days! I love how soft Hold Fast shirts are and they fit great!”

Ian F. | Hold Fast Fan
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