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Sales records are being smashed as the demand for Faith, Family, and Freedom apparel continues to rise. Listen to what this Hold Fast retailer said.

“Hold Fast shirts have been super-fast sellers for us. We had our first order for 3 days and sold ½ of them. Can’t wait to get more!”

– Jennifer from The Ridge Marketplace

Hold•fast ˈhōl(d)-ˌfast: continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle.

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Connect with americans who
value faith, family & freedom

The skyrocketing sales of Hold Fast is proof that America has never been more focused on the values that the country was founded on. For most Americans faith, family, and freedom are core to their identity and the lifestyle they live, including the clothes they wear.

The Hold Fast®

01 They have faith in God

Each day they trust God to guide their decisions and sustain them through everything life throws at them. They aren’t looking to build a reputation for themselves but want to point people towards their Savior.

02 They are family leaders

As leaders of their family, they model honor, respect, and sacrifice. They are providers and protectors. And they aren’t ashamed to embrace traditional family values.

03 They love freedom

They honor those who have fought to preserve freedom. documents that America's founding fathers penned are dear to the heart of the Hold Fast Patriot. They believe the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are key to maintaining a free and successful country.

04 They embrace hard word

Having a strong work ethic and rugged individualism is a core value they proudly embrace. They won’t back down from hard work and may even scoff a little at those who do.

05 They are bold

Proudly standing with their cap over their heart when the national anthem plays is second nature. And they don’t mind, respectfully, telling anyone what they believe by wearing it on their chest.

06 They are resolute

Hold Fast means “to continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle.” The Hold Fast Patriot can’t be swayed in their love of faith, family, and freedom. They will fight the good fight until the end.

Hold Fast Armory Display

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More than 2300 retail stores are already experiencing the benefits and sales power of the Hold Fast brand. When you join them, here’s what you’ll receive.

Displays that sell product

  • Hold Fast Armory 20 or 10 Apparel Center
  • Takes up less than 4 square feet
  • Display cost fully offset with FREE TEES
  • Product ships FREE
  • Grey wood finish
  • Sturdy construction and easy to move
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Hold Fast Captivator Display

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Hold Fast products are shipped from the U.S.A.

Cash-flow protection

  • Free Freight options
  • No Risk Exchange Program
  • No minimum quantities required
  • Shirts come folded, size-stripped, and ready to sell
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Hold Fast Countertop Sticker Display

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Products you'll be proud to sell.

Top-of-the line garments

  • Pro-Faith, Pro-Family, and Pro-Freedom!
  • Color-coordinating Flag on Left Sleeve or Front Left Chest
  • Lightweight, Trim Fit, and Tagless
  • Premium 100% Soft Combed Ringspun Cotton or a Poly/Cotton Blend
  • Sizes SM-3X
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“Hold Fast shirts have been super-fast sellers for us. We had our first order for 3 days and sold ½ of them. Can’t wait to get more!”

Jennifer | Ridge Marketplace

“Hot sellers! Always a pleasure working with this company. They are the kindest business and prayer warriors out there! Quality and design are perfect, our customers enjoy!”

Buyer | Roasted Coffee Depot

“These T-shirts are some of the best-sellers that we have put in our store!”

Buyer | Sons of Liberty Inc.
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We support those who care for our heroes by donating a portion of sales from Hold Fast apparel, caps, and drinkware to the following:!

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