Vintage Eagle Sticker
Vintage Eagle Sticker
Vintage Eagle Sticker
Vintage Eagle Sticker


Make a bold declaration of independence with this spirited “Vintage Eagle” Sticker by HOLD FAST®. You are a citizen of America, blessed by the freedom fought for and won by the founders of this nation, and protected by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

Inspire your family, friends, and neighbors to look to you as an example of faith in our nation, and in the Lord. Faith in God gives us courage, strength, and backbone. The image of the American flag is a powerful reminder to stand up for what you believe in, and be grateful for the benefits we enjoy as Americans.

You’ll share a powerful message about your beliefs every time someone sees this patriotic Vintage Eagle sticker, encouraging people to reflect on the blessings they hold dear including family, our amazing country, and the freedom to pursue our faith in God. These weather- and fade-resistant stickers are perfect for your car or bike, stainless tumbler, laptop, or anywhere you want to inspire yourself and others to keep the faith!

HOLD FAST® Sticker - Vintage Eagle

  • Sticker Size: 3" x 3.125"
  • 100% Laminated Vinyl
  • Package Size 4.125" x 5.5"
  • Weather and Fade-Resistant
  • Perfect for decorating your phone, water bottle, laptop, skateboard, or notebook!

Vintage Eagle Sticker

Vintage Eagle Sticker

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